Get Your Rosario+Vampire Ringtones Here

Rosario+Vampire has some great tunes as part of the show.  Some of those would make great ringtones so here for your pleasure is our pick of the best tunes that work well as ringtones and SMS tones.

Just click the play button on each one to preview the ringtone/sms tone and reveal the download link.


This is the tune that plays at the very end of the episode:
Churu Churu Paya Paya

This one plays when Moka and Tsukune gaze into each others’ eyes:

The first part of the tune when Moka transforms:
Fuuin Kaijo (part 1)

The second part of the tune when Moka transforms:
Fuuin Kaijo (part 2)

This one plays in the swimming episode :
Natsu No Hizashi

This song plays when Moka is angry and ready to kick ass:
Ura Moka Sanjou

SMS Tones

Short jingle that plays before the advert break (Outer Moka):
Omote Moka

Jingle that plays after the advert break (Inner Moka):
Ura Moka

This is the jingle that plays after the opening credits:
Vampire's Theme


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